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A Brief History

Forro fo Sho began as an outgrowth of the research interests of Brendan Loula. After about a decade of training capoeira and nursing an interest in Brazilian music and culture more generally, Loula's interest in Forro began in earnest after rediscovering the genre in the bowels of the music library of UW-Madison after beginning his MA in ethnomusicology in 2012. Hours of listening to classic forro set the stage for the foundation of a band, and a well worn but functional, red, sparkly accordion on the shelf at St. Vincent De Paul with a $100 provided the push into reality.


A year later, an unnamed forro trio played to a confused group of midwestern Americans at the public library and Dodici cafe in Washington, IA. This initial performance was exhilarating enough to spur a period of refinement, expansion, continued performance, and a couple trips to Brazil for a couple of the founding members. The group, which has a revolving cast of musicians and singers, has performed under the name Forro fo Sho--a nod to the traditional genre, its unexpected presence in the Upper Midwest USA, and the group's sense of humor--since mid 2014.

Today, FFS plays their own unique mix of Northeastern Brazilian music to enthusiastic crowds in Madison, WI, as well as venues in Milwaukee and Southeastern Iowa. Their recent projects have included interpreting other Northeastern genres such as Samba de Coco, Capoeira music, and the Mangue-Bit movement of the 90s for American audiences, as well as Forro-izing popular music mainstays like The Police and Talking Heads. Each FFS show is different, but an underlying sense of fun and excitement is always present.  



Brendan Loula - Accordion/Vocals

Alex Siqueira -Zabumba

Whitney Justin - Triangle

Jared Hendrickson - cavaquinho/Percussion

Melissa Reiser - Saxophone


Past (and maybe future?):

Antonio de Souza Junior - Vocals

Steve Strong - Triangle/Percussion

Dasha Walters - Zabumba/Percussion/Vocals

Isidora Miranda - Violin

Luana Monteiro - zabumba/Percussion

Joao Dorea - Zabumba/Percussion

Forro fo Sho Promo Picture


May 19, 2019

Press Release for Strollin' Monroe

A brief description of the exciting "Strollin' Monroe" event that will take part in on June 7, including a full schedule of bands. Check us out at Baci Hair with Grupo Balanca!

October 22, 2017

Sixth Station Blog write-up of the Milwaukee Polka Riot

A nice little write-up about the Polka Riot, including a positive mention of FFS, although that sentiment was not shared among everyone in that audience, apparently! For the record, our the crowd was overall great, and we had a great time playing. There will always be a few party-poopers. 

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